Bay Area Darts is using the rules of the DRA (Darts Regulation Authority: to govern the play of the actual game/match. They're pretty standard rules for 501.

Placement of players



One (1) computer with N01 per dartboard.

If a player drops out before completing the season: (no refunds)


Start of the Game / Diddle:


Start times:

Round Limits

Playoffs :
Top 4 players in each Division in each Bracket make the playoffs and will be held after the regular season has ended at the Bracket's regular venue on the regular league nite.
Division Semi-Finals Finals
Premier Best of 23 Best of 27
1 Best of 21 Best of 25
2 Best of 15 Best of 19
3 Best of 11 Best of 15
4 Best of 7 Best of 9
5 Best of 5 Best of 7

  • During Playoff rounds, there will be a brief two (2) minute break during the match around the halfway point. (number of legs+1)/2 = break time. Example: Best of 21, means a two minute break after the 11th leg. This means the player that lost the diddle, will start when coming back after the break. Best of 11 means a break after the 6th leg.
  • In certain situations, there might be a Quarter-Final round in the playoffs as well; this round will be Best of (regular season wins)-1 [ex: Best of 12 in league, best of 11 in quarter-finals]

    Bay Area Wide Championships

    • After the season is over, we will hold a Championship, most likely on a Saturday or Sunday somewhere in the Bay Area.
    • ALL players who played at least 50% of the season's matches will be invited to participate, along with any non playing League officials.
      • Brackets may be drawn based on your typical Division of play
      • Players may be seeded based on their Darts Index
      • Players may play “up” a Division
      • If your Darts Index is well below the standard for your Division, playing “down” will be considered on a case by case basis.
      • Format is at the sole discretion of the Tournament Organizer
    • Summer season will not have an event.