Determining Your Darts Skill Level

One of more basic questions any new darter asks is "how good am I?" and "what league should I be in?". These are good questions and usually there isn't a concrete way of answering other than "well, join a team and see where you are at". I don't like this method.

Darts is a numbers game, let's use numbers to determine your skill level :)
Here at Bay Area Darts, we want players to play competitive matches against players of similar skill level, so we test players to see where they are at.

League3-dart avg / darts per game / Darts IndexFormatPlayDartsAmeria
Other League Comparison
Premier71+ / < 22 darts per game / <= 7.0Best of 20MastersA+ or 2800+ rating
160+ / < 26 darts per game / <= 8.4Best of 16AAA or 2400+ rating
252+ / < 30 darts per game / <= 10.0Best of 12AA or 2000+ rating
342+ / < 36 darts per game / <= 12.0 Best of 8BB or 1800+ rating
431+ / < 48 darts per game / <= 16.0 Best of 6CC or 1600+ rating
5Under 31 / 48+ darts per game / > 16.0 )Best of 4DD or <1600 rating
Now, how do you go about getting all of these numbers?? We play 501 almost exclusively in league. This is the international standard for darts games.

Play 5-20 games of 501 (the more the better). Count the number of darts it took to finish each leg; don't forget that a "bust" counts as 3 darts. Example: 26, 27, 32, 21, 19, 25, 33, 30, 27, 28 [you are NOT entering what you scored with each round of darts, you are counting the darts for each leg]
Enter Scores:

The result generated here is close, but will become more accurate within a few weeks. We're using it as a guide for initial placement into a league.
The results returned from the 'Get my dart Index' and the suggested level of play are similar, but not quite identical to our ratings
Masters = Premier, AA = 1, A = 2, B = 3, C = 4, D = 5. D/5 players tend to play with the Division 4 players.