Bay Area Darts is a Bay Area wide singles league based on the counties in the bay area: San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Cruz, Marin, Monterey, Sonoma, and Solano counties.

Singles League Information

  • Expected start date: February for Spring. Late-June/Early July for Summer, September for Fall
  • 4-8 players per division.
  • Divisions based on skill level, and geography
  • If there are enough players for 2 brackets in one division and county, the players will be split as geographically close to each other as possible to minimize travel, but it is kind of dependent on the sponsors/venues we get.
  • What day of the week? Doesn't really matter. ANY nite of the week that works for the local players and is best for the county. The goal isn't to conflict with the local team based leagues in the area.
  • 14-15 week season with a playoff. 5-7 weeks for the Summer
  • Bay Area Wide Championship for ALL divisions (Spring and Fall)
  • Expected cost for the Spring and Fall seasons is $30/player + $20/player sponsor fee. Summer session will have no sponsor fees and only $20 per player and include a BAD Ass shirt.
  • Bonus prizes for Highest Out, Best Checkout %, Most 180s/Tons, etc.
  • The types and metrics of these Brackets will be:
    League3-dart avg / darts per game / Darts IndexFormatPlayDartsAmeria
    Other League Comparison
    Premier71+ / < 22 darts per game / <= 7.0Best of 20MastersA+ or 2800+ rating
    160+ / < 26 darts per game / <= 8.4Best of 16AAA or 2400+ rating
    252+ / < 30 darts per game / <= 10.0Best of 12AA or 2000+ rating
    342+ / < 36 darts per game / <= 12.0 Best of 8BB or 1800+ rating
    431+ / < 48 darts per game / <= 16.0 Best of 6CC or 1600+ rating
    5Under 31 / 48+ darts per game / > 16.0 )Best of 4DD or <1600 rating
  • Yes, that's even, so ties are possible.
  • You can determine your skill level here
  • The standings will be calculated as follows: 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie with leg differential being one of the tie-breaks, along with PPR
  • Play 1 - 2 matches a week.
  • Statistics will be kept to help you improve your game.
    • Points Per Round (3 dart average or PPR)
    • Out % [how good are you at hitting those outs to win a game?]
    • Win/Loss %
    • Average number of darts for a win
    • graphs to show your stats throughout the season
  • We use N01 to keep score. It's Free, but requires Windows, but works perfectly under WINE if you are on Linux or a Mac.
  • There needs to be one (1) site coordinator for each location